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  • increases the yield and suplies yield stability
  • improves the resistance,development ant liveliness of the plant
  • supplies to grow faster and better
  • accelerates the growing of the sprouts and supply to increase the number of flower and bud
  • moves about 14 days earlier of the plant growing (supllies earliness)
  • removes to alternate bearing (periodicity)
  • increases the storage and transport capacity of the fruits and vegetables and extends their shelf life thanks to fact that calcium supplement improves the tissue resistance.
  • Increases the rate of dry matters like sugar,vitamin owing to the pshycological reaction of calcium and cardon dioxide.Thus;more healthy crops are producted.
  • Improves the taste,color,smell and other sensory properties of the crops.
  • supplies to occur enduring leaf and improves the immune system of the plants.
  • Leaf makes denser greean color and usually improves resistance against harmful and fungal disease.Thus;it decreases necessity of the pesticide.
  • decreases diseases and their symptomps.
  • avoids unnecessary evaporiation.Thus;water necessity of the plant decreases considerably.
  • Plant liveness increases.Thus;the water stress decreases and the tolerance increases towards hot and cold weather.
  • makes water-saving thanks to using limited water sources efficiently


Efficiency of MULTIGREEN is proven in many researches conducted in Europe (France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, ...), Asia (China, India, ...) and South America (Chile, Columbia, ...).



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