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MULTIGREEN is a %100 natural mineral product,unique as a leaf manure, was produced by processing 'moving ionic technology' that is patented technology of Calcit.

Reduced nanosized, calcit particules get an ultrahigh activation thanks to moving ionic technology.That makes easily absorb to the plants without chemicals.Thus;it both strengthens protective layers of plants twofold and enhances their volumes threefold.

On account of carbone dioxide (CO2) content of MULTIGREEN,being used as leaf fertilizer improves photosynthesis efficiency of plants,enhances enzyme activity and arranges the health and productivity of the plant by empowering the immune system.

The Calcium that occurs by splitting into Carbone dioxide (CO2) and Calcite (CaMG)CO3 has an extremely effect on the plant.The most significant contribution of Calcium is supplying empowering against the environmental factors.Increasing of Chloroplasts and polyphenol quantity supply for being improved the plant resistance and being upgraded to quality (of the plant).

MULTIGREEN has an antioxidant effect,also. This impedes the aging of the plants.

Thanks to MULTIGREEN,the colours of the plants become more lively and clear.

The particules of Multigreen manure are so small (0.1µm-2µm), that can be absorbed easily by the plants.Multigreen particules fragmentise into the leafs and (CO2) releases into the particules.Additionally,other nutrition stuffs occur.The low content (CO2) (%0.03) of normal weather fails to achieve optimum level of photosynthesis at most agricultural production.Under the proper conditions of temperature, at maximum level the photosynthesis occurs at approximately %0.1 (CO2) level with enough nutrition element and the water supplements.

On account of carbone dioxid (CO2) content of MULTIGREEN,when applied fogging method,it increases the photosynthesis effectiveness,arranges the health and effectiveness of the plant by increasing enzyme activity and immune system.It increases yield and quality of all types of the plants.Micronutrients content of Multigreen increases this effect much better.


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